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Curator: Aleksandra Jatczak - Repeć
Michał Suchora

Instytut Fotografii FORT, Warsaw
05.07 - 12.09.2019

I had the honor to be one of the photographers who show theirs works on this exhibition through that I won the photo contest organized by Vogue Polska and Instytut Fotografii Fort " Dangerous Shots".

The IFF exhibition focuses on changes in ways of communicating with fashion recipients – customers – and attempts a reflection on the role of photography in the fashion industry throughout the years. The project encourages anthropological contemplation on the role of media: their size (from a small catalogue, through a billboard, to a phone screen), quality (from locally printed papers to international fashion industry), and reach (private archives vs global campaigns). 


It also shows differences between images created with first, very hard to get, cameras utilised in the reality of the Polish People’s Republic and its centralized market, and a free-market economy – the many years of rebuilding Poland and the first wave of amazement with the capitalist system, between the period of “full-time contract photographers” and democratisation of times when “we are all photographers”. 


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